This article goes through the basics of using your Olympus transcription kit.

Connecting the Foot Control

  • Connect the foot switch cable to the USB adapter cable. Ensure you align the flat edges of the connector.
    quick start guide for typists 1
  • Connect the USB adapter cable to the PC’s USB port.
    quick start guide for typists 2
  • Place the foot control in a comfortable place under the desk ensuring the lead is not obstructing you.

Default Pedal Settings

Button assignment can be customised to your preference please follow the guide here

Connecting the Headset

  • Plug the headset into the PC's earphone socket. Do not place the headset to your ears until you have checked and reduced the computer volume.

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Familiarising yourself with the Transcription Module

  • Double click the Transcription Module icon on the desktop or select for all programs.

Transcription Module – Main Window

Adjusting Personal Preferences

There are a number of personal preferences settings that you can configure in the Transcription Module such as auto-backspace and winding speed please follow the guides below.

Playback settings

Customise the Transcribe bar

Further information

If you want to know about the Olympus software please take a look at the ODMS R7 GUI overviewODMS R6 GUI Overview and the DSS Player Standard Overview.

If you are using ODMS and want to know about how to use the Speech Recognition features please take a look at the guide here.