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FTP Setup (ODMS R7)

The ODMS software can be configured to use a FTP server for sending or receiving dictations/documents. 

ftp setup r7

How to configure an FTP profile

  • Select Tools > Options > E-mail / FTP tab
  • Select FTP from the left pane
  • Select Add... to create a new profile

ftp setup 1

  • Enter your FTP logon details. These are available from your IT department or your ISP (separate configuration required).

ftp setup 2

  • Select Test Settings to ensure all your setting are accurate
  • Select the browse [...] button and choose a folder as a location for dictation. Click OK to confirm.
  • Now select the browse [...] button and choose a folder as a location for documents. Click OK to confirm.

ftp setup 3

  • Click Finish > OK to exit the Options window and apply the settings.

ftp setup 4

 Once the FTP profile has been configured you can follow the guide to automatically-send-dictation-via-ftp or follow the guide to automatically-receive-dictation-via-ftp.

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