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Terminal Services or Citrix is supported only with Workgroup System

This article explains the error message when you try to launch the ODMS software while in a Remote Desktop Connection, Citrix session or VMware session.

 TS only supported in Workgroup mode

If you are planning to use ODMS R7 software in a virtual environment then, you will need to re-install the software in Workgroup mode which requires the ODMS R7 SCP to be installed to achieve this. For further details please see the ODMS R7 Workgroup guide.

If you are just installing the software remotely for an end user then disconnect from their PC and let the end user launch the software from their side which will load without this error. The error occurs because you are using Windows Remote Desktop Connection to access the PC, if you are using any other remote support software such as TeamViewer or GoToAssist then you won't get this error.

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