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Our long history of success comes from providing clients with professional and dependable services. All feedback helps us improve our services for the future.

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Our goal is to understand the dreams and wishes of our customers, and to create products through never-ending research. This is the fundamental spirit of our corporate activities that has endured since our founding. Turning People's Ideas and Dreams into Reality.

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Your technicians are so efficient and helpful. I think you probably have the best support set up I have come across.

Jennie Sparkes


Over the years I have had to call on Olympus Technical Services to help me with any problems that have arisen. They are absolutely fantastic and get back to you mostly within the hour. I can't fault them, and it makes me keep using the Olympus products. The Olympus products are wonderful for audio transcriptions.

Diana Gillen-Buchert



The Olympus support team is the sole reason that we continue to purchase Olympus products as each and every time without fail they have been incredibly helpful and worked doggedly to get the system to work perfectly. An absolute asset to Olympus and you should be very proud.

M Kausar


Sarika Khan was the friendliest and most helpful online help I have ever received. Swift and clear communication in my hour of need to fix the issue within a matter of minutes. I was considering changing software but the support today is enough to make me a loyal customer. Thank you so much.

Sara Ford


Absolutely brilliant technical help. Phone is answered straight away by the right person first time. Technicians are everything you could wish for. Problem solved. Don't change the way you operate. Perfect.

Angie Benge

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