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4 pedal functions for hands free control in any application


3 pedal functions for hands free control in any application


3 pedal functions for hands free control in any application

Available in the US only

ME30W Conference Microphones

For meetings, conferences and concerts, with the ME‑30W Conference Microphones, it is easier than ever to capture sounds in large gatherings, all in high quality stereo.

ME33 Boundary Microphone

The ME33 is a powerful, omni-directional microphone that is purpose-built to record voices from a distance - even in the largest conference rooms.

ME15 Tie-Clip Microphone

Record your own voice or from other people nearby.

ME52W Microphone

Tie-clip low noise microphone

TP8 Telephone Pick-Up

For phone conversation recording


Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for DS-9500, DS-9000 and DS-2600.


AC adapter to use with CR21, CR15 or CR10 for charging the recorder.

CR21 Docking Station

Docking station for the DS-9500 and DS-9000

CR15 Docking Station

Docking station for the DS-9000, DS-7000, DS-5500,DS-3500 and DS-2600

KP30 Micro USB cable

Micro USB cable for the DS-9500, DS-9000, DS-2600 and CR21

KP21 Mini USB cable

Mini USB cable for the DS-7000, DS-5500, DS-3500 and CR15

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