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Throughout 2020 OPDSupport has continued to provide uninterrupted support to all of our customers.

We understand 2020 has been tough; where many companies have struggled to continue to provide "business as usual" support, OPDSupport has managed exactly that, business as usual and more.

Here's an insight on what we've achieved throughout the last year:

  • 1000s of cases closed on average in just 10 minutes or less.
  • All calls aimed to be answered within 4 rings by a trained Technician that knows the answer to your questions!
  • Email enquiries answered within 24 hours - usually answered within 4 hours or less.
  • Nearly 100 new articles created
  • More than 1000 Social Media Posts
  • Updated and Improved Support Portal
  • Updated US Support Portal
  • Introduction of Lingo
  • Massive Website revamp
    • Reworked Free Trial Page
    • Created Products Section
    • New info Banners for all pages 
  • Introduced Regional Support phone numbers at local rates
  • Added Additional Language Support

We will continue to build and improve upon our existing systems and build new systems to continue to provide 'best in class' support.

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