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Speech Recognition General Settings (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through how to configure the General settings such as enabling the speech recognition features.

Open the software then click on Tools > Options > Workflow > General

Enable Speech Recognition Features: Tick the box "Enable Speech Recognition Features" this will allow you to configure and use the speech recognition functions within the ODMS. Note:This requires a compatible Dragon NaturallySpeaking software installed.

Go to Profile Configuration: This will take you to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking settings to configure the ODMS software to use a Dragon profile. Please follow the guide here on configuring the Dragon NaturallySpeaking settings.

Adaptation: Tick the box to do Adaptation. This allows the speech recognition engine to adapt the corrections made during transcription to your Dragon profile. This helps to improve the accuracy of speech recognition.

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ODMS R7 Software is at the heart of an Olympus Dictation Solution. Scalable for small and large offices using standalone or workgroup modes.


ODMS R6 provides dictation technology for professional environments. Scalable for small and large offices using standalone or workgroup modes.

DSS Player Standard

DSS Player Standard Release 2 is ideal for individual users to small offices.

DSS Player for Mac

DSS Player for Mac combines a dictation and secretary solution. Allowing recording, playback, organising and editing of voice files.


Dictate whenever and wherever with Olympus smartphone dictation solutions for iOS and Android devices.

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