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Step by step guides, videos tutorials and technical information

Creating an MST package

 This guide will take you through how to create an MST package in the SCP for customised deployments.

ODMS Client Workgroup Installation Guide

This guide presumes you have installed the ODMS for Administrator components to the server, otherwise please follow the ODMS for Admin Installation guide.

There are a number of ways of installing the ODMS client software in Workgroup Mode. This guide will cover the main installation methods.

  1. ODMS Launcher wizard
  2. Group Policy Software Installation Deployment.
  3. Silent installation using a batch file.

ODMS for Admin Installation Guide

This guide provides step by step instructions on how to install the ODMS for Administrator components to the server for an ODMS Workgroup mode setup. This will cover the following topics:

  1. Repository Setup
  2. Repository Service
  3. System Configuration Program
  4. License Manager

ODMS Workgroup Guide

This guide details how to install and configure ODMS in a workgroup environment. It provides step by step instructions on installing each component and how to deploy the software.

Folder Structuring

This guide details about folder structures, to assist you in planning and creating a folder structure of your own that will be suitable for your requirements.

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