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Can't connect to the license server

When loading the ODMS software that is installed in Workgroup mode you get the error with connecting to the license server.

 Note: Workgroup mode requires the additional software ODMS for Administrator to be installed in the environment for centralised management of user settings and licenses.

can t connect to the license manager 1

Please try the following...

1. Check the license server address and port matches your License Manager

  • Click Change License Server to see the server address and port details the ODMS client software is connecting to.

can t connect to the license manager 2blur

  • Go to PC which has the License Manager installed and check the server address is the same.
  • To check the port is the same, open the registry editor and browse to the location Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Olympus\ODMSR6\License Manager and you will see an entry for ServerPort.

can t connect to the license manager 3

2. Check the Olympus License Account Service is running

  • Go to the PC with License Manager installed.
  • Open Services
  • Look for Olympus License Account Service and ensure the status is running. If it isn't then Click Start for the service to run.

can t connect to the license manager 4

3. Clear the WGAccount.xml file

The WGAccount.xml displays a list of connected and disconnected users in the License Manager.

  • Open File Explorer
  • Browse to the location C:\ProgramData\Olympus\ODMSR6\LicenseManager
  • Delete the WGAccount.xml

can t connect to the license manager 5


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