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Text Correction Settings

This article goes through the text correction settings in the ODMS software.

To access the settings click on Tools > Options > Workflow and select Text Correction

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Highlight words during the playback of voice file: Ticking the box will highlight the words as its playing the file to make it easier to identify where you are in the document.

Prompt for confirmation when text correcting is finished: Tick the box if you wish to be prompted to export the text to a particular format.

Export Document: Tick the box if you wish to specify the output format and the location of where to save the exported text. By default the exported text will save to C:\Users\"username".OPD\Documents\ODMS\"SoftwareModule"\MyDocument

Field Replacement: Tick the box to automatically replace voice fields. If you want to know how to use voice fields follow the guide here.

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