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How to use Filters

This article will go through how to use the filter feature in ODMS.

Filters are useful if you are managing multiple files within a folder as it helps narrow down the list making it easier to see the files you are working on.

  • To switch on the Filter feature click on the View tab at the top and click on Filter.

filter 1

  • Alternatively you can enable the feature by clicking on the Filter button on the right as shown below.

filter 2redline

  • When the Filter feature is switched you will notice all the columns will have a Filter icon.

filter 3

  • Click on the Filter in any column and then select from the list of what files you want to see and click OK.

filter 4

  • Now you will only see filtered files in the folder.

Note: The filters will only be applied to the specified folder.

filter 5



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