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How to stop XML management files being sent

When dictations or documents are sent via E-mail or FTP through the Olympus software, you may notice the files have an obscure file name as shown below.

Management file 1

This is due to the management file being sent alongside the dictation file. The management files are typically used with the Olympus software to display additional dictation information. When the dictations are received within the Transcription Module via E-mail or FTP, the obscure file name isn’t displayed.

management file 2

If the recipient doesn’t utilise the email/FTP features or they don’t use the Olympus software, you can set the Olympus software to send dictations without the management file.

To change this setting:

  • Click on Tools then Options.
  • Go to the E-mail/FTP tab
  • Select “Do not send the management file with the file”
  • Then click Apply and OK

management file 3

Once this is done, the dictations files will send without the management file - they will no longer appear with the obscure file name.

management file 4

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