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ODMS Workgroup Guide

This guide details how to install and configure ODMS in a workgroup environment. It provides step by step instructions on installing each component and how to deploy the software.

Preparing for Installation

Before beginning the installation, the below prerequisites must be met. This guide assumes a new installation is being performed and a centrally accessible folder location is available on the network.

The ODMS Administrator software license can be purchased from an Olympus supplier.

  • .Net Framework 4.0

.Net Framework is a required component of ODMS Administrator and Client software. It can be installed from the ODMS Administrator or Client CD.

  • Administrative access to a server.

The administrator username and password will be required for installing the Management Tools and deploying the software.

  • A network share accessible by all users of the dictation system.

A network share is required to store the software image for deployment and to store downloaded dictations.

If you are setting up the software over a virtual environment then you can follow the simplified diagram to help you understand where the Olympus components should be installed.

Note: If you are installing the ODMS client software on a server, you must ensure you have the Desktop Experience Feature installed as shown below as the Olympus software requires Windows Media components to play audio files.

Desktop experience

Citrix XenApp


NOTE: The Olympus Citrix Client Virtual Driver handles the passthrough of the audio and USB devices so its not required to configure Citrix Policies for audio and USB redirection.

VMware Horizon View


Note: If you would like the VMware Olympus device information registry files for deployments then please contact us.

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