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ODMS Standalone Installation Guide

This article details how to install the ODMS software you will have received with a DS-7000, DS-3500, DR-II Series, or AS-7000.

  • Download and save the latest version of ODMS here
  • Click on Compressed Folder Tools menu and click Extract all
  • Once extracted open the folder, then run the Launcher application

ODMSR6 extract

  • Click “Standalone Installation”.

software installation guide 2

  • Click “Next”.

software installation guide 3

  • Accept the license agreement and click “Next”.

software installation guide 4

  • Enter your “User Name”, “Organization” & “License ID” (License key). Then click “Next”.

NOTE: The license key you enter will be for either the Dictation or Transcription module. This will begin with either:

Dictation module:   RD66-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Transcription module:   RT66-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

software installation guide 5

  • Click “Next”.

NOTE: We recommend keeping the Destination Folder as the default unless you store all application program files in a different location.

software installation guide 6

  • Specify how you would like the user profile to be managed and click “Next”.

Individual User Settings: Each user on the PC will have their own individual settings and these settings can be configured by the user.

All User Settings: Each user on the PC will share the same settings and these settings can only be changed by a LOCAL administrator.

software installation guide 7

  • Click “Install”.

software installation guide 8

software installation guide 9

  • Click “Finished” once the installation has completed.

software installation guide 10

To install both modules (the Dictation module & Transcription module) to the same PC, once you have installed one module, run the installer again. Choose to “Modify” and click “Next”. Follow through the installation wizard just as you did previously but when prompted for your “License ID”, enter the license for the other module. After this, simply follow through the rest of the installation.

software installation guide 11

  • Click “Finished”.

software installation guide 12

  • Once installed you can find the application in your start menu and you can pin this to your taskbar. Depending on what license key was entered during the installation you will have either the Dictation Module or the Transcription Module. You may have both modules installed if you ran the installation twice and entered two licenses.

Further information

You can find the quick start guide for the transcription kit here and the quick start guide for the recorder here

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