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First Start Wizard

The first start wizard helps a user configure some of the most common features of the ODMS software upon first launch.

  • Click “Next” to go through the wizard or click “Skip Wizard”.

 first start wizard 1

  • Specify an “Author ID” & click “Next” or click “Skip Step”.

 first start wizard 2

  • Specify any Worktype(s) you would like to use & click “Next” or click “Skip Step”.

 first start wizard 3

  • Specify if you would like to store the dictations locally, on a network share or send them externally via Email/FTP.

first start wizard 4

Email options:

first start wizard 4a

FTP options:

first start wizard 6

  • Choose if you would like the download of all files from your mobile recorder to occur automatically and whether or not you would like to have the files cleared from the device automatically after downloading.

first start wizard 7

  • Choose if you would like software updates to download automatically.

first start wizard 8


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