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Dictation folders not syncing

If the software folders are linked to the network location but there is a discrepancy between the users dictation folders then this can lead to transcriptions being duplicated or dictations not being seen. We would recommend to check the following below.


This is due to the fact the software does not run in 'real time' When a user makes a change in a shared folder, any other users must perform a refresh of the folders before those changes will take effect. By default the software will refresh the folder every 10mins which this can be changed.

You can also manually refresh the folders by clicking on View -> Refresh or click on the refresh button on the tool bar.

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To change the refresh rate, follow the steps below.

  • Select Tools -> Options -> Workflow in the software.

two typists can transcribe the same file 1

  • Change the refresh rate using the up and down arrows.
  • Press OK to confirm the changes and close the option menu.

The users may not have sufficient permissions to the shared folder in order to change the file status therefore any file changes will not be reflected on the network share. We would recommend checking that the users have full control to the shared folder.

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Sync Center is a feature in Windows which allows users to work in offline mode when there is no connection to the server share so it essentially keep copies of the network files locally on the PC. Once connection has been re-established to the server it will then synchronise the files.

To the unknowing users this will all be seemless until a problem arises with Sync Center where it suddenly stops synchronising the files. So any changes made by one user will not get updated to the network so other users will not see any changes.

If you use Sync Center then you will need to review the sync conflicts and resolve them.

If you don't use Sync Center then you can disable offline files.

You will need to contact your IT if you require assistance with Sync Center.

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