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Worktype IDs

Worktypes are used to assign information to a Dictation. It is primarily used to categorise a dictation based on the subject matter of the recording.

  • Go to Tools > Options... > Workflow
  • Click Worktypes
  • Then click Add

 worktype ids 1

  • Enter the Worktype ID.

 worktype ids 2

  • Click OK to create the Worktype.
  • The Worktype will appear in the Worktype List.
  • To add more Worktypes, follow the same process. The next Worktype ID will appear in the list, below.
  • Click the Up and Down to move a Worktype ID.
  • Click the Remove button to remove a Worktype from the list.

 worktype ids 3

  • Then click OK to apply these settings.

Option items provide additional information with the worktype this is typically used with the SC1 barcode scanner.


Please follow the steps below to setup Option items.

  • Create the Worktype ID
  • Click Add to open the Option Item Property
  • Enter a label and select the initial value
  • Then click OK

how to configure sc1 barcode module 4 

You can add multiple option items to a worktype by clicking on add and follow the process again.

how to configure sc1 barcode module 5

  • Click OK to create the worktype with the option items
  • Next configure the option item labels this will assign them to the column headers helping you easily identify what the labels when viewing dictations in the software.
  • Select an item and click modify then enter the label which should correspond with the option items created earlier.

how to configure sc1 barcode module 5a

  • Click OK to apply the settings

Once the settings have been applied, when you create a new recording on the device:

  • Select the relevant Worktype
  • You should then see your option item(s)


  • Press >>| on your device, this will bring up the device keyboard.


  • After entering the information, click the F2 button to Finish and to start recording.
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