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When loading the Olympus software an error occurs saying "Failed to register Device Manager and Codec Filter for COM".

This problem occurs when the DSS audio codec is not installed successfully.

We would recommend trying the following below.

  1. First, ensure you are running the latest version of the Olympus software. If updating does not resolve the problem, see the steps below.
    • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\OLYMPUS\ODMS_R6\DM_TM\OlyCodecFilterSetup.exe
    • Run the "OlyCodecFilterSetup" executable file as a local administrator to manually install the DSS Codec.
  2. Do a clean re-install of the Olympus software with elevated administrator priviledges.
    • Make a note of the license key within the Help and About software.
    • Uninstall the Olympus software.
    • Run DSS Clean tool which can be downloaded here.
    • Run the command prompt as administrator and enter the following command msiexec.exe /i "Path of the msi file".
  3. In some rare instances if you are using a mobile recorder we would recommend try setting the recorder to storage mode as this has known to resolve the issue as well. Please follow the guide here on changing the USB class mode.

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