Error when opening the Olympus software saying "The application cannot be executed because the following Shell Folder defined in the registry cannot be found. Please contact the system administrator. Templates".

shell folder error templates

This problem occurs when there are folders missing or folders are inaccessible, which are referenced through the path(s) set within the registry.


Open the registry and follow the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

The three most common folders are:

  • Personal/MyDocuments
  • Templates
  • Startup

shell folder error common folders

  • Next, copy the Path for the relevant registry entry (e.g. Templates).

  • Browse to this location using Windows explorer.

NOTE: The "%USERPROFILE%" location by default is in "C:\Users\*username*". The "AppData" folder is a hidden folder by default. To show this, you will need to change the Folder and Search options to "Show hidden files, folders, or drives".

  • If you do not see the folder, which will be the most likely scenario, create a folder and give it the name of the missing folder, ensuring the path is correct for the relevant registry entry.

  • If the folder exists, delete it and recreate it.