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Automatically send dictation via FTP

The ODMS software can be configured to automatically send a dictation via FTP immediately after downloading the file. This document details how to configure the Auto FTP feature.

Note: This feature requires that an FTP profile is configured in ODMS. See FTP Setup for instructions.

How to enable Auto FTP

  • Click Tools > Options > Folder Design.

  • Select a folder, for example Folder A. Any files downloaded into this folder will be sent automatically.

    • Note: Selecting Download Tray will automatically apply the setting to Folders A-G.

enabling automatic sending ftp 1

  • In the Send via FTP field click on the ... button.

  • Select the FTP profile and click OK.

enabling automatic sending ftp 2

  • Click OK to apply these settings.

Additionally should the connection to the primary FTP sometimes drop out or you move between multiple sites, you can setup a second FTP profile and then configure this under “Send via FTP (Alternate Profile)”. This can be configured in the same way as above but with a different profile.

  • Next click on the Email/FTP tab
  • select Send/Receive from the list
  • Tick the box automatically send files via E-mail/FTP
  • Select Send files in the Outbox immediately

enabling automatic sending ftp 3

Then click OK to apply the settings.


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