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Backup feature

The pro software will keep a backup copy of every dictation downloaded in the Backup folder. This guide will go through enabling/disabling the feature, changing the location of the backup folder and automatically purging files in this folder after a set period of time.

Enabling/Disabling the Backup feature

By default, the backup folder is already enabled. To disable:

  • Go to Tools > Options… > Folder Design > Download Tray
    • Note: Selecting Download Tray will automatically apply the setting to Folders A-G. This can save time configuring the setting for each folder.

backup 1

  • Disable Backup
  • The Backup folder can then also be disabled at this point. Select the Backup folder.
  • Set to No, to disable.

Changing the folder path:

 To set the path, you can either:

  • Type/paste the location in the path field
  • Click in to the Path field
  • Click on the arrow and then the “...” button to open the browser which will allow you to find your desired location.
  • Select the folder
  • Click OK.

backup 2

Enabling the Purge feature:

  • Click in to the Purge field field
  • Click on the “...” button.

backup 3

  • Set the interval at which to purge the files in the backup folder

backup 4

  • Click “OK”.
  • Click Apply/OK.


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