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The advanced download feature can be customised so that all dictations are downloaded into a specific folder or they are routed to different folders based on the Author ID or Worktype ID.

How to setup the Advanced Download Option

  • Go to Tools > Options > Workflow > Advanced Download.
  • Tick the Download all dictations to... box.

After enabling this, there are two options:

  • Specific Folder
  • Routing

Download to Specific Folder

By enabling this option, all dictations will be downloaded into a specific folder regardless of the device folder it was originally recorded in.

To start configuring this feature:

  • Select Specific folder (this option is selected by default)

advanced download guide 1

  • Click on the “…” button
  • Select a folder. All dictations will download to this folder.

advanced download guide 2

  • Click OK
  • Click Apply/OK.

Download Dictations Based on Routing Rules

Dictations can be routed to specific folders based on Author IDs and/or Worktype IDs, to configure this setting follow the steps below:

  • Select “Routing according to the following conditions:”

advanced download guide 3

  • Click Add…
  • Enter an Author ID and/or Worktype ID and select the destination folder. Any dictation that matches has this Author ID and Worktype ID will download to the specified folder.

advanced download guide 4

  • Click OK. The rules will be carried out in the order they are listed. In the event of a conflicting rule, the rule that is higher in the list will take precedence.

advanced download guide 5

  • Use the Up and Down arrows to re-arrange the order in which the rules appear.
  • Click Apply/OK to save the changes.


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