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Splitting/Joining Dictations

Audio files can be split or joined within the ODMS software.

Split Dictation Files

If a file is too large, it can be split in to smaller chunks. This is particularly useful when sending dictations via email.

  • To split a file, select it from the dictation list, click on File > Split.
  • Move the Split position slider to where you would like the audio file split and click Split. The file name will be labelled with _A and _B suffix.

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Join Dictation Files

Multiple files selected in the dictation list can be joined into and saved as a single file in the same folder. DSS, DSS Pro, WAV, and WMA files can be joined.

Only files of the same format can be joined.

  • To join two or more files together, select two or more dictations from the list (holding the “Shift” key while clicking), and click File > Join.
  • All the files you are going to join together will appear in the Join files list. Move them up and down to adjust the order in which they will be joined together.

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  • Select Join to join the dictation together.


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