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FTP Setup (ODMS R7)

The ODMS software can be configured to use a FTP server for sending or receiving dictations/documents. 

Email Setup (ODMS R7)

ODMS supports a number of email methods including POP, IMAP, Outlook (32-bit) and Web based mail. This guide will detail how to set up each type of email profile for use within the Olympus software.

Automatically send dictation via email (ODMS R7)

The ODMS software can be configured to automatically email a dictation to recipient(s) immediately after downloading the file.

Configuring Author IDs (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through how to configure Author IDs which helps users to easily identify who created the dictation. 

Wireless Communication Service Settings

This guide goes through the Wireless Communication Service settings. This software is mainly installed on a PC or server that is constantly available to allow multiple users send dictations via WiFi in the environment.

User Profile Maintenance

When putting dictations through background voice recognition you get the prompt for the user profile maintenance asking if you want to save the changes.

Text Correction Settings (ODMS R7)

This article goes through the text correction settings in the ODMS software.

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