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Automatic Deletion after Download (ODMS R7)

The automatic delete feature can be enabled to automatically delete dictations from the recorder once they have downloaded into the software.

Configuring Background Speech Recognition Folder Settings

This is a new improvement in ODMS R7 which allows you to specify whether all or certain dictations in the folder needs to be transcribed using speech recognition. 

Folder Mapping (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through how to map a download folder to a network shared folder so this allows you to share your dictations with another user.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking settings (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through the Dragon NaturallySpeaking setting in the ODMS Dictation and Transcription Module.

Note: You must have a trained Dragon profile and have enabled the voice recognition feature in order to configure the ODMS software to use your Dragon Profile. Click here for a guide on how to enable the speech recognition feature.

Using Fields (ODMS R7)

Fields are used in document templates to make voice recognition quicker and easier. Fields are always shown in square brackets on the document template.

Document Templates (ODMS R7)

This guide details how to add and associate document templates to dictations.

Speech Recognition General Settings (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through how to configure the General settings such as enabling the speech recognition features.

Automatically send dictation via FTP (ODMS R7)

The ODMS software can be configured to automatically send a dictation via FTP immediately after downloading the file. This article will take you through the steps to configure this feature.

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