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How to use Adaptation (ODMS R7)

This article details how to use Adaptation. Adaptation helps to improve profile accuracy.

Using Background Speech Recognition (ODMS R7)

This article goes through how to use Background Speech Recognition within the ODMS software.

How to edit a dictation (ODMS R7)

This guide will take you through how to edit a dictation in the Dictation Module software.

Configuring Folder Encryption and Decryption (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through how to configure folder encryption for the ODMS Dictation Module and folder decryption for the ODMS Transcription Module.

ODMS R7 Workgroup Guide

This guide details how to install and configure ODMSR7 in a workgroup environment. It provides step by step instructions on installing each component and how to deploy the software.

Automatic Download (ODMS R7)

The software can be configured to automatically download dictation files when an Olympus recorder is connected to the PC.

Worktype IDs (ODMS R7)

Worktypes are used to assign information to a Dictation. It is primarily used to categorise a dictation based on the subject matter of the recording.

Advanced Download (ODMS R7)

The advanced download feature can be customised so that all dictations are downloaded into a specific folder or they are routed to different folders based on the Author ID or Worktype ID.

Automatic Deletion after Download (ODMS R7)

The automatic delete feature can be enabled to automatically delete dictations from the recorder once they have downloaded into the software.

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