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Step by step guides, videos tutorials and technical information

Backup feature (ODMS R7)

The pro software will keep a backup copy of every dictation downloaded in the Backup folder. This guide will go through enabling/disabling the feature, changing the location of the backup folder and automatically purging files in this folder after a period of time.

Auto Collection (ODMS R7)

The auto collection feature moves finished dictations to the Finished folder or to another folder, if specified.

ODMS Client Workgroup Installation Guide (ODMS R7)

There are several ways of installing the ODMS client software in Workgroup Mode. This guide will cover the main installation methods.

  1. ODMS Workgroup mode switch
  2. Group Policy Software Installation Deployment.
  3. Silent installation using a batch file.

Creating an MST package (ODMS R7)

 This guide will take you through how to create an MST package using the MST file generator for customised deployments.

Dictation routing received via Email/FTP (ODMS R7)

Dictations received via E-mail/FTP can be routed to certain folders to help manage your files. You can also setup a document return function, to automatically send the document to the sender once transcription is completed.

ODMS R7 SCP Install Guide

This guide provides step by step instructions on how to install the ODMS R7 System Configuration Program.

ODMS R7 GUI Overview

This document will detail the overview of the Graphical User Interface of the Olympus ODMS R7 Dictation and Transcription Module software and explain what each button and section is for.

Text Correction overview (ODMS R7)

This article details the Text Correction overview explaining what each section and button does.

If you want to know how to use the Text Correction window, then you can follow this guide here.

Real-time Speech Recognition overview (ODMS R7)

This article details the Real-time speech recognition overview explaining what each section and button does.

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