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How to use the Logging Function in ODMS R7

The logging function provides a basic output of user actions. Whilst the feature is not a complete workflow-level log. It can provide information such as file movement and changes made to a dictation.

Keyboard Hotkeys in ODMS R7

In ODMS it is possible to control certain features such as playback and direct recording through the use of Hotkeys.

How to use Filters (ODMS R7)

This article will go through how to use the filter feature in ODMS.

Filters are useful if you are managing multiple files within a folder as it helps narrow down the list making it easier to see the files you are working on.

How to stop XML management files being sent (ODMS R7)

When dictations or documents are sent via E-mail or FTP through the Olympus software, you may notice the files have an obscure file name as shown below.

How to add a document format (ODMS R7)

ODMS is capable of displaying various types of document in the document tray. It is also possible to configure ODMS to support additional file formats for enhanced compatibility with different file-types and word processors.

How to enable the Document Receive function (ODMS R7)

The Document Receive function automatically imports transcribed documents received via e-mail or FTP into the Dictation Module's Document Tray folder to manage documents.
For this function to work you must have either E-mail or FTP profile configured with the Dictation Module. Please click here to configure E-mail or click here to configure FTP.

ODMS Setup Wizard

The first start wizard helps a user configure some of the most common features of the ODMS software upon first launch.

Creating an Instruction Comment (ODMS R7)

An instruction comment is maintained as a file separate from the main dictation file and provides the Typist with special instructions specified by the Author. An instruction comment can only be created with the Direct Recording function.

Clean/Purge Feature (ODMS R7)

This article details how to enable the Clean/Purge features for folders in ODMS.

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