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How to use SCP Backup Tool

This guide goes through how to use the SCP Backup/Restore Tool.

Note: If you haven't installed the SCP Backup/Restore Tool then please follow the guide here

  • To open the tool browse to the location C:\Program File(x86)\Olympus\SCP Backup and double click SCPBackupTool. 

SCP backuptool 1

In the Backup menu you can do the following: 

  • Change the backup up folder location back by clicking on “…” button to browse for the folder or just type in the path. 
  • Change schedule a backup by ticking the box “Enable periodical backups” then, select an interval. 
  • Manually run a backup of the SCP by clicking on Backup.   

SCP backuptool 2blur

  • If you start a manual backup the progress bar will appear.  

SCP backuptool 3

  • Once the backup is complete the bak file will appear in the backup folder location.

SCP backuptool 4blur    


  • To restore a backup, select a backup file from the list and click Restore.

SCP backuptool 5

  • The restore progress bar will appear.

SCP backuptool 6

  • Once the restore is finished, close and re-open the SCP web browser.


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