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Using Worktypes in SCP

This article goes through how to use the improved Worktypes feature in SCP.

Adding Worktypes to a group or user has now changed in the R7 SCP. You must first register the Worktypes before you can assign it.

Using worktypes in scp

To register Worktypes.

  • Click on Workflow Menu. 
  • Select Worktypes.

Worktypes 1

  • Click Add.
  • Enter a name for the Worktype. 
  • Click Save.

Worktypes 2

  • The Worktype will now appear in the list. Repeat the same steps above to add more Worktypes.

Worktypes 3

  • You can add an option item to the Worktype by clicking on Add.
  • Enter a name for the Label, enter a Default Value (if required) and select the Initial Value.
  • Click Save.

Worktypes 4

  • The option item label will appear in the list for the Worktype. Repeat the same steps above to add more Option Item labels.

Worktypes 5

  • Now when you configure the Worktypes for a user or group profile click Add.

Worktypes 6

  • The Worktype ID will appear in the list.
  • Select the Worktype ID and click Add.

Worktypes 7

  • Click Save to apply the Worktype ID.

Worktypes 8

  • If you have Option Item Labels configured, then you can modify the column header to display these Option Items in the ODMS software.
  • Click Modify
  • Enter the Description label
  • Click Update

Worktypes 9

  •  Click Save to apply the settings.

Worktypes 10

You can also assign Worktypes to devices.

  • Edit a device profile
  • Click on Worktype List.
  • Click Add

Worktypes 11

  • Select the Worktype(s) and click Add to Device.

Worktypes 12

  • The Worktype(s) will now be added to the device.
  • Under Worktype Selection tick the box "Prompt on new recording"

Worktypes 13


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