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Using Network Paths in SCP

This article goes through how to use the new feature Network Paths in SCP.

Changing a folder location for a group or user has now changed in the R7 SCP. You must first register the folder location before you can assign the location.

Using network paths in scp

To register a Network Path.

  • Click on System menu.
  • On the left panel select General. 
  • Select Network Paths. 

Networks Paths   1

  • Click Add
  • Select a Category, Enter a Name and the Path. 
  • Click Save

Networks Paths   2

  • The network path will now be saved.
  • If you want to add more network paths then repeat the same steps above.

Networks Paths   3blur

Now when you configure the path for a user or group profile you will see the newly added network path in the drop-down list.

Networks Paths   4

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