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Using User Profile Templates in the SCP

This article goes through how to use the new feature User Profile Templates in the R7 SCP. 

User Profiles templates lets you configure all the common user settings for R7 and R6. If the users aren't assigned to a group, they will be provided with pre-configured user settings when the user opens the ODMS R7 software or the ODMS R6 software.

To configure a User Profile Templates

  • Click on System menu.
  • On the left panel select General. 
  • Select User Profile Templates. 

User Profile Templates  1

  • Select a default software profile template in the list.
  • On the right under Profiles select the Default profile.
  • Click Edit Profile.

User Profile Templates  2

  • It will prompt for confirmation if you wish to edit this profile, click Yes.

User Profile Templates  3

  • Configure the desired settings.
  • You can also tick the lock box next to the settings to prevent the user from changing the settings.
  • Click Save. Now when they user opens the software it will obtain the pre-configured software settings.

User Profile Templates  4

Any software profiles which have already been configured will receive the new settings. However, in the event of where some settings do not carry over for some reason then you can tick the box "Override Descendant Profiles" and click Save. This will reset all descendent software profiles and apply the default profile template settings.

User Profile Templates  5

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