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Auto Collection (ODMS R7)

The auto collection feature moves finished dictations to the Finished folder or to another folder, if specified.

auto collection r7

Auto collection can be set up by going to:

  • Tools > Options > Workflow > Auto Collection

Autocollection 1

By default the Auto Collection function is already enabled, and set to move finished dictations to the Finished folder. Rules can be set to move finished dictations to specific folders based on their Author IDs.

Note: If the author has set the ownership attribute to a folder, the typists Auto Collection feature will not move the dictations to the Finished folder. Enable the Auto Collection feature in the Dictation Module to move finished dictations to the finished folder.

Automatic Collection using Rules

auto collection r7 rules

  • Select “Use a rule”
  • Click Add…
  • Enter an Author ID and/or Worktype ID and select the destination folder. Any dictations marked as finished, that match the set Author ID and Worktype ID will download to the specified folder.

Autocollection 2

  • Click OK. The rules will be carried out in the order they are listed. In the event of a conflicting rule, the rule that is higher in the list will take precedence.

Autocollection 3

  • Use the Up and Down arrows to re-arrange the order in which the rules appear.
  • Click Apply/OK to save the changes.
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