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ODMS R7 SCP Install Guide

This guide provides step by step instructions on how to install the ODMS R7 System Configuration Program.

Note: If you don't have an R7 SCP license, then please contact your local Olympus dealer.

The System Configuration Program is a web application used to centrally manage your user’s settings, licenses and firmware updates.

scp install guide

Note: We would recommend installing this on a server which doesn't already have an SQL database installed.

  • Click "System Configuration Program Installation".

SCP Installation guide 1 

  • Accept the license agreement and click Next to begin the installation.

SCP Installation guide 2

  • Click Browse and locate your SCP.license file. The SCP.license file is used to activate the SCP and it's also used for the volume license.

SCP Installation guide 3

  • Once the SCP.license file has been imported and validated click Next.

SCP Installation guide 4 

  • Specify the HTTP port to use and click Next

SCP Installation guide 5

  • Optional: If you want to use a secure connection then tick the box “Use SSL”. Specify the Certificate file and Certificate key click Next. Please note this is the only time that you can configure the SSL option.

SCP Installation guide 6

  • Optional: If you want the SCP to work with your Active Directory then tick the box “Enable Active Directory support”. Enter the Domain, Username and Password and click Test Connection to confirm the credentials are correct then click Next.

SCP Installation guide 7blur

  • Enter a password for the SCP Admin account and click Next.

SCP Installation guide 8

  • Click Next to begin installation

SCP Installation guide 9

  • The SCP is now installed click Next.

SCP Installation guide 10

  • You can now access the SCP by clicking on Open SCP or just click Finish to access the SCP later.

SCP Installation guide 11

  • To access the SCP you need to open a web browser and type in http://servername/fe. If you changed the port number during the installation then you will need to specify the port in the address http://servername:port/fe. 
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