Worktypes are used to assign information to a Dictation. It is primarily used to categorise a dictation based on the subject matter of the recording.

worktype ids r7

  • Go to Tools > Options > Workflow
  • Click Worktypes
  • Then click Add

 Worktype IDs 1

  • Enter the Worktype ID.

 Worktype IDs 2

  • Click OK to create the Worktype.
  • The Worktype will appear in the Worktype List.
  • To add more Worktypes, follow the same process. The next Worktype ID will appear in the list, below.
  • Click the Up and Down to move a Worktype ID.
  • Click the Remove button to remove a Worktype from the list.

 Worktype IDs 3

  • Then click OK to apply these settings.