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This article details goes through the Real-time Speech recognition settings.

Note: You must have a Dragon Profile configured with ODMS for this to work please follow the guide here on configuring the Dragon NaturallySpeaking settings.

Open ODMS Dictation module and click Tools > Options > Workflow tab > Real-time Speech Recognition from the menu on the side.

Real time voice recognition settings option
The options on this window can be configured depending on your preference:

File Name Format: Click the Format button to choose how file names should appear. File names can be customised to show the Author name, worktype and many other variables.

Destination Folder: Click Browse to change where real-time SR files are saved once they are finished.

Real time voice recognition settings 1


Prompt Option: Enable this option to be prompted to enter Job Data (e.g. Author, Worktype, Option Items, Comments) into the file before recording.

Real time voice recognition settings 2     Real time voice recognition settings 3


Speech Recognition Editor: Select a colour from the drop-down menu. The Real-time SR window will change to this colour when the microphone is activated or asleep. Click the Custom button to choose from a greater colour range.

Real time voice recognition settings 4

Real time voice recognition settings 5 6

New Button Operation: The New button can be configured to launch the Speech Recognition Editor rather than the Direct Recording Window.

  • Go to Tools and Options click on Workflow
  • Select Direct Recording
  • New Button Operation select Speech Recognition Editor

Real time voice recognition settings 7red







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