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User Profile Maintenance

When putting dictations through background voice recognition you get the prompt for the user profile maintenance asking if you want to save the changes.

The prompt can stop the software from continuing the background voice recognition until you select an option to continue. On rare occasions the prompt can appear behind the ODMS software giving the impression that the software is hanging since it doesn't progress at all.

It is possible to setup the Dragon Profile to automatically save the profiles changes so you no longer get the prompt for the user profile maintenance.

  • Open the Dragon software and open the Dragon profile.
  • Click on Tools and then select Options.

user profile maintenance 1

  • Click on Miscellaneous tab
  • Tick the box Automatically save the profile changes
  • Click OK

user profile maintenance 2red

  • If you have multiple Dragon profiles then repeat the same steps above.
  • Close the Dragon software down.



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