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Command Index

List of Dragon commands that are available to do in ODMS real-time speech recognition and background speech recognition.

CategoryCommandRealtime SRBackground SR
Real-time Speech Recognition WindowPlay that back
Click [Button]
Next Field
Previous Field
Clear Field Delimiters
Add Lines and SpacesNew Line
New Paragraph
Press Enter
Press Tab key
Tab [n] times
Select TextSelect all
Select [xyz]
Select next [n] words
Select [start] through [end]
Select previous paragraph
Select document
Unselect that
Correct Dragon's ErrorsCorrect [xyz]
Correct that
Edit TextResume with [xyz]
Delete line
Delete last [n] words
Scratch that [n] times
Backspace [n]
Undo that
Cut that
Paste that
Spell OutSpell that
Switch to Spell mode
FormatAll Punctuation Marks "Comma, Open/Close Bracket, Colon, Semi-Colon" etc.
Caps On / Off
All Caps that
Cut [Text]
Cut [Text] to [Text]
Copy [Text]
Copy [Text] to [Text]
Bold [Text]
Bold [Text] to [Text]
Italicize [Text]
Italicize [Text] to [Text]
Underline [Text]
Underline [Text] to [Text]
Capitalize [Text]
Capitalize [Text] to [Text]
Quote that
Empty Quotes
Bracket that
Empty Brackets
Move the Insertion PointInsert before [xyz]
Go back
Go to top | Bottom
Move down [n] lines
Go to end of line
Move left [n] characters
Page up | down
Move in a listMove down [n]
Go to bottom | top
Press Enter
Press right arrow
Work with WindowsSwitch to [window name]
Show Desktop
List all windows
Minimize window
Restore windows
List windows for [program]
Start and Close items in Start Menu and DesktopClick Start
Start [item name]
Start Mail
Open Control Panel
Start Microsoft Word
Start Internet Explorer
Close window, Press alt F4
Move the MouseMove mouse [any direction]
Move mouse [any direction] slower
Move mouse [any direction] faster
Position the MouseMouseGrid
MouseGrid Window
MouseGrid [1to9] [1to9]
Drag the MouseDrag mouse [any direction] faster
Drag mouse [any direction] slower

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