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General Workflow Options

This guide contains some basic workflow options to modify how ODMS behaves.

To access this window click on Tools > Options > Workflow > General

General workflow

Delete Option

By default any files deleted in the Olympus software will move to the Recycle Box folder, where the files can be restored. Alternatively the software can be set to the delete the files completely.

Device Synchronization

By default when the recorder is connected a dialog window will appear to let you know the recorder's date and time has been updated to match with the PC settings. Alternatively this setting can be disabled. 

Filename Resolution

If two files are added into the software with the same name, this option will automatically rename the file or give the user a choice on how to rename them.

Refresh Interval

If files are taking longer than expected to appear when shared over a network folder, lowering the refresh interval (therefore increasing the frequency) will help to improve this. However, if you have a lot of files in the folders this can take a long time to refresh.

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