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SCP Client File Downloader Settings

This article goes through the File Downloader Settings that are available in the SCP Client.

Note: If you haven't installed the SCP Client yet please refer to SCP Client Installation Guide.

If you have the SCP Client installed in Workgroup Mode, then make sure your username has the File Downloader Role otherwise you will not see this option. Please refer to Managing User/Group Settings (ODMS R7).

Right click the SCP Client in the notification tray and click on File Downloader.



You can change the language settings to English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish or Czech. 



You can enable a prompt to select the files to be downloaded, rename downloaded files with a set format, and you can enable automatic file deletion off the device once its downloaded to a folder.


Advanced Download

You can enable all files to be downloaded to a specific folder, or download to a folder based on the Author and Worktype ID.



You can enable the logging fuction and output the logs to a specific folder.


Changing any settings in the Download Tray will carry across to the subfolders.

You can synchronise folder names, change the folder path, enable auto download, automatic conversion and add more folders. Please note changing the Download Tray Path will create subfolders A to G in the new location. If you are only using one folder then we would recommend configuring Folder A's path.


In each Folder A to G you will have the same options as above, as well as creating new subfolders and set an encryption password for each folder.


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