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This article goes through the installation process for the SCP client.

Note: When installing the ODMS R7 software in Workgroup Mode it will automatically install the SCP client. Please refer to ODMS Client Workgroup Installation Guide. If you are installing the SCP Client in Workgroup Mode, please ensure you have an SCP server installed in your environment first before proceeding. Refer to ODMS R7 SCP Install Guide.

Download the latest SCP client here

The following steps goes through installing via the install wizard. If you want to silently deploy the SCP Client then you would specify one of the command line parameters depending on your installation.

  • Extract the folder and run the setup application


  • Click Next


  • Accept the license agreement and click Next


  • Leave the Destination folder as default and click Next


  • Select Workgroup Mode and the SCP server address, or select Standalone Mode and click Next


  • Click install


  • Tick the box to Launch Olympus SCP Client. Otherwise the SCP Client will launch when the PC restarts, or by running the SCP Client.exe found in C:\Program Files (x86)\OLYMPUS\SCP Client.
  • Click Finish


  • When the SCP Client is running you find it in your notifcation tray


  • You can check the status of the SCP Client by right clicking on it and click on Show Message Window. Depending on which mode you have installed it will show you one of the following Windows.




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