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Notification Settings

This article goes through the notification settings found in the ODMS R7 Transcription Module.

To access the settings, click on Tools > Options > Workflow > Notification.

Notification setting

By default the software is configured to notify you every 10 minutes when there is a new file, which you can change the time interval or disable the option.

If you click on "Set notification folder", you can also choose to enable or disable the notification for each folder in the download tray or the inbox.

Notification folder blur

You can also set a reminder on oustanding dictations by ticking "Notification Reminder for new dictations waiting for transcription".

If you want to receive notifications just for high priority files then tick "Notification on high priority dictations only".

Clicking on Customize will let you change the selected items to display in the notification window. As well as specifying the time to automatic close the notification window.

Customize notification

If you want to receive notifications while the Transcription module is closed, then tick the box "Support background notification when Transcription Module is not running". 

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