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This article goes through how to resolve the warning message when Olympus software is sending an email on your behalf in Outlook

Read more: A program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf

This guide goes through installing the Citrix or Terminal Services client virtual driver on a client PC for a Citrix XenApp or Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) environments.

Read more: Citrix/TS Client Virtual Driver Installation

This article details how to upgrade from ODMS R6 to ODMS R7. Upgrading allows you to keep your user profiles and settings when changing to a new version of the ODMS software.

Read more: Upgrading to ODMS R7 (Standalone)

This article explains the error message when you try to launch the ODMS software while in a Remote Desktop Connection, Citrix session or VMware session.

Read more: Terminal Services or Citrix is supported only with Workgroup System

This articles goes through the options being greyed out when you try to configure the ODMS settings.

Read more: Options are greyed out

This guide goes through how to troubleshoot the device recognition issues over Citrix.

Read more: Device not recognising over Citrix

This article goes through how to resolve the below license error message when launching ODMS R7 in Workgroup mode.

Read more: An error occurred during the process of authenticating the license

This article goes through how to configure the Device Detector setting. 

Read more: Device Detector Setting

If you are experiencing an issue with the Text Correction Window not playing audio and highlighting text then follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

Read more: Correction Window not playing audio and highlighting text

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