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List of Dragon commands that are available to do in ODMS real-time speech recognition and background speech recognition.

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To ensure that Voice Recognition is as accurate and efficient as possible, there are some best practices to follow:

Read more: Voice Recognition Best Practices

This article goes through how to manually encrypt and decrypt a file in the software.

Read more: Encrypt and Decrypt a file on ODMS R7

This guide contains some basic workflow options to modify how ODMS behaves.

Read more: General Workflow Options

This article goes through how to change the file status in ODMS.

Read more: How to change the file status of an audio file

Click Read More to find out how to change the port number for the R7 Web SCP...

Read more: How to change the Port Number for the SCP

If you have an issue with the play button flashing and not playing while in the Direct Recording Window, but playback works fine in the Main Window then please continue reading this article.

Read more: Can't play in Direct Recording Window

This article goes through the File Downloader Settings that are available in the SCP Client.

Read more: SCP Client File Downloader Settings

This article goes through the installation process for the SCP client.

Read more: SCP Client Installation Guide

This article goes into detail with how to convert Dictations in the Olympus Dictation Management System ODMS R7.

Read more: Converting Dictations in ODMS R7

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