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App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

You can trial the app for 60 days before purchasing.

You can either download the app and register for a trial from within there, or you can register your account via the Olympus Dictation Portal.

A number of security options are available, including Encryption (upto 256-bit AES encryption) and sending via HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, etc.

No, resellers/Olympus do not have access to dictations on the ODDS server. Enabling encryption will also prevent unauthorised access to your dictations.

The recording will pause, when you return to the app it will bring up a prompt asking to continue recording or to stop.

The server will simply deliver the dictations to the specified location.

The app can only be activated on one device at a time. If you wish to change the device, enter your details within the app on the second smartphone. You will receive a prompt to confirm whether you would like to move your license over to this phone, select Yes.

The expired license will go into archive for 90 days before it gets deleted from the system. This will give you the opportunity to renew the license again by placing an order. Once you receive the license from your dealer, you will need to login to the Olympus Dictation Portal, and click Yes to migrate your archived license to the standard license.


Dictations Not Sending (ODDS Outbox)

This article details why dictations may not be sending and why they're placed in the Outbox.

Register an account - OD app

Read more to find out how to register for a trial via the Olympus Dictation app. The Olympus Dictation App can be downloaded from the Apple Apps store or Google Play store.

Flag ODDS license for Renewal

If you want to continue using your ODDS license for next year please follow the steps.

How to Change or Reset Your ODDS Passwords

This article details how to change your password on the dictation portal and your ODDS password; should you forget it.

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