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Software running slow

If the software is running progressively slow then please check the following below which may improve the performance.

 This issue can be caused by any of the below possibilities.

The software will periodically refresh folders to check for new dictations if there are thousands of files in the Olympus software then this can drastically affect the software performance.

We would recommend reducing the number of files that is being managed within the software by doing either of the following:

We would recommend checking the following folders.

  • Finished - This folder contains transcribed dictations
  • Recycle Box - This folder contains deleted dictations
  • Sent Items (If E-mail or FTP is configured)  - This folder contains dictations or documents sent via E-mail or FTP
  • My Documents (If document templates or Voice Recognition is configured) - This folder contains transcribed word documents

If you have a large folder structure in your shared dictations folder this can affect the software performance. As the software will scan every folder to check for dictations whenever the software refreshes.

We would recommend ensuring the shared dictation folder doesn't contain any files and folders which don't relate to the dictations if there are we would suggest moving them out to another location, as well as deleting any folders which are not being used so the software doesn't manage these files and folders any more. For more information about folder structures please click here.

The following types of files you would have in a dictation folder are:

  • Audio files such as DSS, DS2, WAV, MP3 and WMA.
  • XML management files these will files correspond with an audio file or a document.
  • Documents these files corresponds with an audio file and will typically appear if the software is configured to load up a word processor and has been saved to that location.
  • Rich Text Files these files corresponds with an audio file and will typically appear if they have been put through voice recognition.

If you have a large folder structure and an excessive amount of files we would recommend ensuring the refresh rate isn't set to a low interval. If the software is constantly refreshing folders all the time this will affect the network perfomance and dramatically slow the software down.

To check the refresh interval.

  • Click on Tools then Options
  • Click on Workflow tab then select General.
  • The default refresh interval is 10 minutes

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