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Recorder removable drive window appears when recorder is connected

If you have an issue with the removable drive window appearing along with the software when you connect the recorder, then please continue reading the article below.

 Removable drive window appears

The removable drive window is normally suppressed by the Device Detector program that gets installed with the Dictation Module or Transcription Module. However, if its not working then please follow the steps below.

  • Close the Device Detector found in the Notification tray or in Task Manager

Removable drive window appears 1Removable drive window appears 2

  • To restart the Device Detector go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Olympus\DeviceDetector and double click DeviceDetector.exe

Removable drive window appears 3 

  • Disconnect the recorder and reconnect to test
  • If its still doing the same, then we would suggest changing the AutoPlay setting found in Control Panel

Removable drive window appears 4

  • In the Removable drive dropdown, select Take no action and click Save

Removable drive window appears 5

  • Disconnect the recorder and reconnect to test
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