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Change or Find License Key in Registry

This article goes through how to find or change the license key in the registry.

This is useful for situations where you are not able to open the software to obtain your license or if you want to change the license without re-installing the software.

NOTE: Changing your license key is only effective if you are still using the same software release and module. For example changing your RD76 key for another RD76 key is fine but you can't change an RD76 key for an RT76 key since it's a different module.

  • Press Windows Key + R simultaneously and then search "regedit".
  • Full registry path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Olympus\X\Y\Install

X = Software Release such as ODMSR6/ODMSR7/DSSPLAYERSTANDARD

Y = Software Module such as Transcription / Dictation

  • Find the entry LicenseKey

 License key in registry

  • Double click the LicenseKey entry and input your new one to change it. Please ensure it is in all capitals and contains no dashes.

 License key in registry2


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