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How to change the default program for a file type

If you are playing a file type that is a WAV, MP3 or a WMA outside of the main Olympus software it may play the file in another application such Windows Media Player or Groove Music. You can change the application to open with the small Olympus player by following the steps below.

Note: If you are playing files outside of the software it will not be managed in the main Olympus software, so you won't be able to track this file at a later date if you needed to. If you want to manage the files in the main Olympus software please follow the guide on importing dictations.

  • Right click the audio file and click Properties.
  • In the General tab click on Change next to Opens with:
  • Click on More apps
  • Scroll down and click on look for another app on this PC
  • Click on (C:) in the address bar
  • Double click on Program Files (x86)
  • Double click on Olympus
  • Double click on DSSOle
  • Select Dssole.exe and click Open.
  • Now if you double click the file it will open in a small Olympus player. 

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