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Converting Dictations

This document details how to convert your dictations to another format. This is typically useful if you are sending the file to another user to listen to the recordings but they do not have the Olympus software.

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  • Right click a dictation and click Convert Dictation

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  • Select the Format you wish to convert from the following: WAV, DSS Pro, DSS and WMA. If you selected a format other than the DSS then you can also select the Attribute. Note: The lower the attribute the lower the audio quality but the files will be more compressed so it uses less disk space.
  • If you want the original file to be deleted as well then tick the box “After converting a file(s), delete the original file(s)”. Otherwise you will have the original copy and converted copy.

converting dictations sr2 2

  • Click Convert once you are happy and the conversion will begin and you will now see your converted dictation in the folder

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