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DSS Player For Mac in an Enterprise environment

This article contains information for Mac Administrators looking to use the Olympus components on a Mac when using an MDM.

Apple M1 Chip Install Rosetta

The DSS Player for Mac officially supports Mac with the new Silicon M1 Chip. However, this requires Apple Rosetta to be installed.

Encrypt and Decrypt a file on DSS Player for Mac

This article goes through how to manually encrypt and decrypt a file in the software.

License number is incorrect - Mac Standard User

When installing DSS Player for Mac you 7.7.3 or below, you may get the error message "The license number you have entered is incorrect. Please confirm your license number."

USB Devices Disabled

If a Mac accessory needs more power or is using more power than your Mac is providing, you may see the message "USB Devices Disabled"...

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